Monday, 7 November 2011

Halloween Projects

Hi Everyone
Thought I would share a few things I have made working up to Halloween. Did a video on my YouTube but have only just got around to putting it on my here.
As I have quite a big family, and we live quite close to each other, we spend a lot of special occasions together, such as Halloween, Easter, Christmas etc. This year it was my turn to do a party at my house (pulling my hair out at the mere thought...... hee hee.)
So after getting things organised at the last minute, like food, decor, etc. I decided to make my own invitations. These needed to be quick and simple, as I was making quite a few in a short time.
In the end I think they worked out really well, were easy to do and served their purpose.
The next thing I came up with was to alter a couple of bottles of wine to use as prizes in some Halloween games. Firstly I started with a bottle of good quality wine, changed the labels and and created a super spooky bottle of booze. Check out my video......
They went down very well (a little too well with a couple of guests) and everyone wanted one of the bottles.

Emjay x

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