Saturday, 7 January 2012

Gingerbread Party

This year I held a Gingerbread Party at my house, in the past I have been to one, hosted by my Canadian friend Carol.
As this is all new to us, we needed to make gingerbread for the first time. We had a few test batches.... some better than others LOL, but eventually we got there. Then we had to get a template as we needed to make several houses as we were making 5 houses.
Shopping for lots of goodies was fun but my husband was able to get hold of some really cool toppings from the American shop in Aldershot (one of the only benefits of him having to work away a lot). He got loads of cool toppings including festive cake glitter and tiny gingerbread men that you can sprinkle. He also got loads of American sweets including Baby Ruth, Reeses cups, Peanut Butter M&M's and loads more.
We got each house a silver platter so that they could take their creations home, here are a few pictures:

Would love to hear about your festive creations.

Take care and speak soon.


Emjay x

Christmas Projects

I know these may be a little late as most of you have probably seen these on youtube, but having a family does take up most of my time, so better late than never. LOL
Here is an album that I made the kids Nan for Christmas, it is in her favourite colours. It is an envelope mini, which is quite simple and easy to make, which is just as well as I have a few to make.
The flower on the front was handmade, and for a while I was a bit addicted to making them so I have plenty... LOL.

The main purpose of this album is to hold as many photos as possible, which hopefully you can see I achieved.
Some of the trims used here can be found at Suhafuha's Zibbet store.

I hope you all had a great Christmas, and a very Happy New Year.

Please visit again soon.

Hugs Emjay