Monday, 5 September 2011

My Daughter's Donation


My Daughter had heard about this charity called the Little Princess Trust, which creates real hair wigs for boys and girls with cancer for free, and wanted to learn more about it.
My husband found the link on the net, so Lily and I sat there and watched it together. It has a short video presented by Gail Porter, who is an ambassador for the charity. By the end of the video we both were in floods of tears and searching the house for more tissues.
Straight away my daughter said she wanted to donate her hair, at first I was a bit unsure as she has never had much off her hair before, only an inch or 2 at one time. She has always had long hair so I said that I would look into it a more to find out how much they would need and the process that you needed to go through.
After further research she was still adamant that she wanted to do it. I warned her that once it was cut there was no going back, you can't stick it back on.

So it was off to the hair dressers to get 10 inches taken off (they accept 6 but Lily had a lot of hair and wanted to donate as much as possible).

Here is a short video that Lily wanted to make of her getting her hair cut.

Here are some more photos from the hair dressers.

I am so proud of her and know it meant a lot for her to do this for someone else.

She is now growing it long again so that she can make another donation.

If you are interested in donating go to

Emjay x

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